At 75, Amitabh Bachchan remains the most-wanted endorser in Bollywood

Amitabh Bachchan Birthday

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Everyone is looking for the original Don of Bollywood — and with good reason. In the fickle business of stardom, Amitabh Bachchan — who turns 75 this Wednesday — has managed to remain relevant, anchoring Kaun Banega Crorepati, starring in films, and endorsing products.


Currently, he is one of the busiest actors in the country. After he is done shooting for KBC for Sony TV, he will be on the sets of 102 Not Out — a feature film in which he plays Rishi Kapoor’s father. It is expected to hit the screens next year. According to the latest Forbes’ list of richest actors in the country, he is ranked nine, with earnings of $9 million. This puts him ahead of Ranbir Kapoor (earning $8.5 million). He is the only one on the list above 60 years of age.


While his last film Sarkar 3 (2017) bombed, producers believe he can still hit the jackpot if the content of a film is good, such as Piku (2015) or Pink (2016). That’s the reason he still commands an attractive fee of Rs 7-10 crore per film, according to analysts.

Age is no impediment to his work as an endorser, either. Bachchan is the first choice for many corporate brands and also for governments looking to push social messages. Currently, he endorses 10 brands — ranging from inner wear (Lux Cozi), mobile phones (One Plus), jewellery (Kalyan Jewellers), air conditioners (LLoyd), to e-commerce sites (Just Dial), to name a few.


Bachchan is also the brand ambassador for the goods and services tax.


Companies are happy to fork out Rs 2 crore a day (most companies generally hire him for three to five days), because they know his magic will work. So what makes him tick at 75, when most stars are content with a Lifetime Achievement Award? (He has already got the coveted Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.)


Bhusan Kumar, chairman of Super Cassettes that owns the T-Series brand and is producing 102 Not Out, said “Piku and Pink have shown that with good content, Amitji’s movies do very well. What makes him different is his energy level — the discipline, his contribution in promotions, and his professionalism” Kumar is already talking to Bachchan to produce another movie. Film analyst Komal Nahta also pointed out that while some of his movies have flopped, no one has blamed Big B. “He is talented and disciplined as well as professional — that is a potent combination in Bollywood,” he said.




Chef’: Saif’s careers best in heartwarming culinary drama (Movie Review, Rating ****1/2)

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Film: ‘Chef‘; Director: Raja Krishna Menon; Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Janakiraman, Svar Kamble; Rating: ****1/2


There is a lot of teasing between the father and son ,played with endearing casualness by Saif Ali Khan and Svar Kamble. Aptly , “Chef” teases our appetite for cinema.


It’s a culinary delight-warm tender, inviting and appetizing– served up in a dainty dish with a dash of debonair but played-down posturing, like a masterchef who is shy to show off his skills but can’t help it. He’s so adept at what he does.


Chef Movie Review” conveys the kind of sagacious skill born not out of arrogance but wisdom sometimes misplaced.Like the protagonist Roshan Kalra’s traditionalist father who believes the kitchen is for women.


Speaking of which — arrogance more than wisdom — Saif Ali Khan’s Roshan Kalra(from Chandni Chowk Delhi married to and divorced from the lovely Malayali danseuse Radha Menon) is portrayed as an epitome of prideful arrogance waiting to fall.


The fall comes sooner than we expect. Director Menon wastes no time in taking on his protagonist’s burnished ego and cutting it down to size, piece by piece.


Come to think of it, Roshan’s downsizing needs no push. Saif Ali Khan’s inbuilt nawabi pride and an urbane humour that often hurts others in ways that are more permanent than permissible,seize the character to make it so imminently relatable ,I felt someone had stolen parts of my life.Saif’s Roshan says things to earn points as a clever conversationalist.


Much like the prestigious Michelin star rating for food which determines quality to the point of rendering the pleasure of food into an exercize in technical grading.


And here’s where director Menon and his co-writers Ritesh Shah and Suresh Nair score resoundingly over the original Jon Favreau film. Food, as a cultural binder, is a far more vital metaphor in India than in America. Instinctively, Menon understands the deep and indelible connection between food and family in our culture.


Much in the same way that music binds human relationships, food is great unifier .


The narrative teases the cooking and food into the human relationships without making culinary conceits a fetish in the plot. Food is vital but not in-your-face in Menon’s Chef. This director understands the difference between appetites and feelings. He tightens the screw on his protagonist’s arrogance whenever Roshan Kalra’s failings become the food for his feelings.




Shocking and must read! Hrithik Roshan makes his first ever statement on Kangana issue

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Hrithik Roshan has finally broken his silence!


The actor on Thursday issued a statement after almost two years of silence, addressing the fiasco for the first time even as Kangana has been accusing him of misleading her.


In his statement, Hrithik has accused the actress of stalking him via her social media pages.


His statement read: “I choose to be on a path of creativity, productivity and constructive work. Anything that isn’t in alignment with that, I tend to ignore, sidestep and treat as a distraction.


I believe that ignorance, non reaction and staying on the path of dignity is the best way to discourage any persistent unwanted intrusions. But Just like a nagging health issue sometimes ignored can turn malignant, this situation for me has unfortunately turned malignant.


In case of the matter at hand , it seems the media has no intention of letting go.

I don’t see any grace in adding to this circus by testifying in defence of my character in a situation that I have no involvement in whatsoever.


I have been dragged into a dirty perverse mess without a choice in the matter. This is something that is not of my making.


The truth is, I have never met the lady in question one on one in my entire life. Yes, we have worked together, but there has been no meeting in private. Thats the truth Please understand, I am not fighting against an allegation of an affair. Or being childish trying to uphold a ‘good guy” image. I am very aware of my faults, I am human.


I am in fact protecting myself from something far more serious, sensitive and destructive than that.


Sadly, very few from the media or the public seem to be interested in the truth. This has been a hard-learnt fact for me.

If the people are comfortable with a lie because it doesn’t threaten their model of the world where a girl is the victim and the man the aggressor then so be it. I am ok with that too.


Women have suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of men and it infuriates me how some men can be so brutal and they deserve the harshest punishment. But by that logic if it ordains that one man can’t be vulnerable and one woman can’t be a liar, so be it. I’m ok with that too.



Ittefaq’ makers want to push conventional cinema’s boundary


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As the Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha-starrer crime thriller “Ittefaq” is gearing up for release, Juno Chopra of B.R. Films, one of the co-producers of the film, says that with the adaptation of their grandfather B.R. Chopra’s celebrated film of the same name, they are trying to raise the level of crime thrillers in Hindi cinema.


The 100-minute crime thriller, the trailer of which released on Thursday, revolves around two murders and two suspects of the event where one police officer struggles through an investigation to unveil the truth.


While the film is an adaptation of the 1969 Rajesh Khanna and Nanda starrer, according to Juno, the story was ahead of its time and it was quite an interesting process to set the film in the modern time.


In a chat with IANS after showing the film’s trailer here, Juno said: “Though our Hindi cinema is known for the song-dance sagas, in the late 1960s’ era, when songs used to play an important part of storytelling, ‘Ittefaq‘ was one of the films with no songs in it. Our grandfather tried to push the boundary of conventional cinema with that film.


“As a youngster, it was our dream to reccreate the same. This film is a dream.”


Was there any creative challenge to establish a relevance of the story in today’s time?


“You see, no challenges can be hard enough that can’t be worked out. As I said, it was on our wish list. Abhay (Abhay Chopra) and I worked really hard to make the story interesting. Yes, there were challenges, but that drives us to do better.”


Directed by Juno’s brother Abhay, the film has been produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and Dharma Production along with B.R. Films.


Considering the fact that film is a crime thriller, it is quite interesting to notice how differently the producers are planning to promote the film without doing a series of film promotional activities with media interactions and utilising television platforms with the main star cast.


Asked if that is challenging, Juno said: “Yes, but we do not want any part of the story goes out before the film releases and therefore we are not talking much about the story of the film, and not giving an insight.”


They last produced “Bareilly ki Barfi”, which was embraced by the audience.


“I would like to thank every person in the audience who supported the film ‘Bareily Ki Barfi’ and made it a commercial success. It surely has given us, as young producers, a level of confidence about identifying the potentially good story that matches the taste of our audience.


“I think it will surely create an interest among the audience to come to the theatre and watch ‘Ittefaq’ because we are here with another great story,” said Juno.



Judwaa 2′: Varun shines in an unimaginative rehash (IANS Review, Rating: **1/2)


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Film: “Judwaa 2”; Director: David Dhawan; Cast: Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Tapsee Pannu, Vivan Bhatena, Sachin Khedekar, Zakir Husain, Rajpal Yadav, Anupam Kher and Upasana Singh; Rating: **1/2


Coming from the stable of the gifted director David Dhawan, known for his comic entertainers, his latest film “Judwaa 2 Reviews” seems like a rehash of other films and his earlier gags and funnies.


In this edition, the tale of the identical twins continues. It shares the same premise as the 1997 Salman Khan blockbuster, but unlike its previous edition, this one is shallow and lacklustre.


David Dhawan soft-pedals the main theme of the film with a revenge drama, where Rajiv Malhotra the father of the twins, gets Charles a smuggler arrested. He is imprisoned for 22 years, but before going to jail, Charles swears to return and take revenge.


Comedy usually twists the norm and sprinkles it with irony, but here, there is no irony; just twisting. The twins, Prem and Raja are separated at birth, initiated by Charles of course. But just before their separation, we are told that the duo share unique dynamics; “If one is hurt, the other can feel the pain. If one finds something funny, the other too will start laughing. Theirs is a one in an eight million case.”


With this as the base, one expects to have a roller-coaster ride in “Judwaa 2“. But unfortunately, the film tries hard to play off the rules of comedy.


Prem, the timid one, is inclined towards music and is brought up by his parents in London. And, Raja the boisterous one with no real agenda in life, is brought up by a foster mother Kashibai — a fisherwoman from Versova, Mumbai.


The narrative takes a leap, 22 years after the separation. The twins’ paths merge when Raja moves to London along with his bestie Nandu, after hitting Alex – a dreaded goon. How they unite in the end forms the crux of the tale.


The plot, more often than not, focuses on Prem and Raja’s relationship with Samara (Tapsee Pannu) and Alisha (Jacqueline Fernandez) and not between the two brothers who have contrasting personalities.


Ranbir Kapoor Birthday Special: 7 lesser known facts about Bollywood’s ‘Rockstar’!

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When the term ‘superstar’ is slowly becoming a thing of past, Ranbir Kapoor’s name surely pops up like a beautiful promise to redeem that starry effect into Hindi Cinema. He is a wonderful mix of old world grace and uber coolness.


The hot and single Ranbir Kapoor, who turned 35 today, is controversy’s favourite child and such is his charm that the national heartthrob even gets attention in unbelievable measures.


From stellar performances in movies to making us fall in love with his naughty antics, there is nothing this charmer hasn’t done.


What sets him apart from those having fancy six-pack abs is his sheer talent and that he has got in abundance. He is surely that one actor, who doesn’t have to rely on his six pack abs to pull the crowd into theatres.


So on his special day, we bring to you some known facts of this chocolate sensation of B-Town.

The first ‘Educated’ member from ‘Kapoor Clan’


Ranbir happens to be the first male from the Kapoor clan to graduate Class 10 and finish college.He still takes his weekly ‘Pocket Money’


Ranbir Kapoor still takes Rs 1,500 every week as his pocket money from his mother Neetu Kapoor. She even used to cut his nails until he moved out of the house.


Tabla player


As for music, Ranbir took training for two years and knows how to play the tabla. He learnt to play the guitar for his movie ‘Rockstar’


Ranbir’s love for ‘Boxers’


Ranbir Kapoor tried some 65-70 boxers for the introducing shot in ‘Wake Up Sid’and all the boxers that he wore in the film were his personal ones.


Ranbir talks and eats too fast

Ranbir suffers from a disease called Nasal



Shahid is the courageous royal in ‘Padmavati’ first look


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Shahid Kapoor unveiled his first look from the upcoming film “Padmavati” and the actor appeared every bit royal and brave as Chittor ruler Maharawal Ratan Singh.


The 36-year-old actor, who will be seen portraying Queen Padmavati‘s (played by Deepika Padukone) consort, in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed magnum opus, took to Twitter to release the poster. “MahaRawal Ratan Singh.


The embodiment of courage, strength and respect,” Shahid wrote in Hindi, alongside the still photograph.


The actor sports a bloodied white angarkha with his face slashed with battle scars only to be glowing with the signature Rajput tilak, twirled moustache with a beard and kohled eyes, amid action in the warfield. In another still, a close-up shot, Shahid Kapoor can be seen wearing the armour.


Co-stars Deepika and Ranveer Singh, who plays Alauddin Khilji, also shared Shahid’s look on social media. On September 21, the makers had released Deepika’s first look as the fierce queen.

Releasing on December 1, the period drama is jointly produced by Bhansali Productions and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures.